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Pretty Mint Colored Cake Ideas - Part 1

Pretty Mint Colored Cake Ideas - Part 1

Whether it's blue or green, the hue is simply divine.  Many envious eyes want to do their parties and events in Mint.  Not only is it a divine color but it smells and tastes good too.  So a planner could integrate a little Mint here and there in the party theme.

I just wanted to share some beautiful Mint cake ideas to go along with my previous post about Mint, Peach, Blush and Gold Wedding Palettes. We hope you enjoy these beautiful cake ideas.  Some include the designer on the cake photo so feel free to contact them if you like to order from them.

Get ready to view some of the most beautiful mint colored cakes we could find.

First off we had to show you these beautiful cupcakes before you see the cakes.  Even as an addition to the party they are so divine.  The little gold candies make them look top notch.  

This is a pretty small cake perfect for a private tea party or for a very small wedding.  Handmade fondant rosettes top it off perfectly and the gold stripe around the base is divine.

Another perfectly sweet party idea and favorite of mine is cake pops.  Easy to make by mixing 3/4 cup of frosting into a crumbled up cake, you can roll 1.5" balls of cake and freeze them before dipping in melted and perfectly colored mint candy melts (white candy melts with a drop of green food coloring).  Keep the candy melts warm in the microwave, every now and then re-stirring and reheating for 15 to 30 seconds to keep the melts easy to work with.  A tiny dollop of vegetable oil will make the candy melts easier to work with too in case of clumping.  Heat gently in the microwave and stir well in a coffee cup.  I personally love the little candy pearl dots that you can get from wilton or little white sprinkles from any grocery store will make your cake pops look top notch.  You could also just swirl white candy melt over the mint color with a swizzle stick or fork.

Do them yourself or find a cake pop expert.

Then we have some of the most beautiful cakes you ever saw in Mint.  

What a cute idea.  This cake has it's own veil.  What a sweet way to give it a soft magical appeal.


Think we are done?  Nope we are not even done yet!  These are some of the most gorgeous cakes we have ever seen!

This one is right out of a fairy tale.  I think those are real roses or are they edible?  Amazing!

 Check out Part 2 of our post to see more Mint Cakes.  Wow I am really in the mood for cake now!

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