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Our Company

Haute Swan Provides Beautiful Couture Products Since 2012

Haute Swan was found in 2012.  The owner Kimberly Stevens loves helping customers find beautiful fashionable products for her customers.  Originally we had a couture boutique in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Kimberly got skin cancer in 2015 and closed her shop not sure what would happen.  By the Grace of God she was able to easily treat her cancer with CBD Oil and followed with a Moh's surgery.  She is doing well today and working from her home business.

Haute Swan focuses is on beautiful, specialty products for special events, weddings and more.  

Haute Swan is committed to providing:

  • Top Quality Products
  • Best Customer Service
  • Damaged Product Replacement upon return
  • Fast and Efficient Delivery by Reputable Companies
  • Tracking Number So You Can See What's Going On
  • Some Custom Order Products

Our Team

Kimberly Stevens

Kimberly Stevens

Owner of Haute Swan

Haute Swan was a dream  boutique I set up in Virginia Beach.  It was a gorgeous store with exhuberant pink, black and grey walls and french decor.  We started with a couture high fashion attitude.  The economy was tough and after three years I showed up with a spot of cancer under my hair.


“Very fashionable and Great Customer Service.  You get your money's worth for the quality ....Cara Gomez

Owner's Testimonial

“I love my own products and I am my own best customer as you can see from my top.  If I wouldn't wear it, I wouldn't put it on you....Kimberly Stevens